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South Africa’s market leader in firearm training.

The International Training Academy was started in 1993 as an Instructor Training Organisation. In its first two years it became South Africa’s largest Firearm Training Association, offering courses in all aspects of firearm training and disciplines. The ITA has trained over 1600 instructors country-wide, specializing in basic to advanced training in handguns, shotguns, and rifles. The ITA has a board of 36 counsellors (Instructor Trainers), who specialize in various subjects relating to firearm training. Andre Pretorius is the Chairman of the Board and has been a Firearms Instructor for 21 years. Andre Pretorius comes from a military background, serving in the South African Defense Force. He has attended courses around the world and continues to stay current on developments in training and education by liaising with SAQA, SASSETA & the various Standards Generating Bodies. The International Training Academy is accredited with the SASSETA (Safety and Security Sectoral Education and Training Authority), PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) and the SAPS (South African Police Services).


ITA serves as a Lead Service Provider body for various organizations in South Africa. ITA provides training material for more than 260 accredited training centers country-wide. ITA has trained their instructors and continues to provide support in the form of training materials, assessment tools and methodologies used in firearm training to these centers.

Andre has written books on firearm training for Universities and has designed courses for instructors who work in various sectors of the firearm industry, including, but not limited to, the SAPS, military, private security, nature conservation, VIP protection, metro police and civilian sectors.

Andre, through the ITA, trains various specialised groups, and designs courses and training programmes in specialised fields. Some examples of this would include: De Beers Diamond Mine – Diamonds-in-Transit Protection Team; Anglo Gold Asset Protection Team; The Scorpions (South Africa’s Elite Law Enforcement Unit); and SBV Cash-in-Transit Team Instructors (SBV is South Africa’s largest cash-in-transit company). Specialised programmes are designed to cater for the individual needs of each group. Andre Pretorius is recognized as one of the leading experts in tactical training and course development in the world. 2008 is Andre’s 21st year in firearm training.

The ITA training system has enabled more than 260 training providers’ country wide to ease into the SAQA/SETA system which is a requirement of the new Firearm Control Act (60/2000) with user friendly training materials and Quality Management Systems.

The ITA training centre located at 31 Voortrekker Road, Mindalore Krugersdorp, offers courses from basic to tactical level in all types of firearms (handgun, shotgun, rifle and carbine).
(Firearm license renewals can also be done at this facility). The indoor shooting range at this facility is accredited by the South African Bureau of Standards as well as the SAPS.


For your training requirements please contact Andre Pretorius; Director of Training, ITA Head Office.

Tel: 011 955 6775    Fax: 011 955 3826           





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